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NFC helped Iran to produce its first ferrochrome, first manganese iron, first zinc ingot and first 
 of alumina. NFCs contribution in building the industrial foundation and comprehensively 
enhancing the level of nonferrous meatal industry for Iran received sincere respect and trust from
Iranian government and people.

  • (1)Khatoon Abad Copper Smelter project in Iran built by NFC

    (1)Khatoon Abad Copper Smelter project in Iran built by NFCThe designed capacity of Khatoon Abad Copper Smelter project is 80kt/a of anode copper and 300kt/a of sulphuric acid. It was the largest cooperation project between China and Iran in the nonferrous metal sector at that time.

  • Iran then-President Mohammad Khatami (Front,R2) Attended Khatoon Abad Copper Plant Completion Ceremony
  • (2)Faryab Ferroalloy Plant project in Iran built by NFC

    Iran Faryab Ferroalloy Plant project is the first metallurgical industry project NFC has undertaken overseas as an EPS contractor. The project entirely adopts Chinese design, technology and equipment.

  • (3)Zarand Iron Concentrator project, Iran
  • (4)Iran Arak Aluminum Smelter project
  • (5)Jajarm aluminum smelter project is another key project undertaken by NFC after Jajarm alumina refinery upgrade project.
  • Jajarm aluminum smelter project, Iran
  • (6)Iran Bafg Zinc Smelter is the first zinc smelter built by NFC in Iran

    Iran Bafg Zinc Smelter is the first zinc smelter built by NFC in Iran by using advanced pyro-metallurgy roasting and zinc sulphide hydrometallurgy process in world at that time, it is also the largest zinc smelter in Iran in those days. NFC undertook the design, complete sets of equipment supply, construction and installation, technical assistance, commissioning, maintenance and training.

  • Iran Then-Vice President(front,L4) attended commencement ceremony