Chifeng Baynnur

Chifeng NFC Baynnur Mineral Industry Co., Ltd

Chifeng NFC Baynnur Mineral Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the north of Inner Mongolia with the mining area of 15.14 square kilometers. It is a rare large-scale orebody of zinc & lead in northern China  with minerals such as zinc, lead and silver, cadmiu,and associated with several minerals such as tin, copper, tungsten and gold etc,also there exists large amount of gellibackite, marble, granite .

Under the guideline of “centered with economic and technological development”, NFC Baynnur Mineral Industry Co., Ltd. has realized significant development in recent years. At present, the company has over RMB 1 billion yuan of total asset and 3351 employees. The major products are zinc and lead concentrate powder with the production capacity of 34.6 kt/a of zinc concentrate and 38.4kt/a of lead concentrate. The company is becoming the leading enterprise in Chifeng and contributing to the development of local economy. 

Add:Baynnur Town,Balinzuoqi,Chifeng,Neimenggu 025473, P.R.China