News Release

NFC Kazakhstan awarded President Silver Prize for corporate social responsibility

Source:NFC    Publish Date:2018-12-18

On December 11th 2018, NFC Kazakhstan Co.,Ltd was awarded the 2018 President Silver Prize for corporate social responsibility in the video conference and award ceremony for Kazakhstan's industrialization achievements held in Astana. Kazakhstan's President, Prime Minister and officials from government Ministries attended the ceremony.


This award was set up in 2008 by President Nazarbayev in recognition of outstanding contributions made by Kazakh corporations in fulfilling social responsibility. NFC Kazakhstan is the only company in Pavlaudar that won the award in 2018.


In recent years, NFC has successfully built many projects in Kazakhstan, such as Bozshakol copper concentrator, Aktogay copper concentrator, Pavlodar petroleum coke calcinations, delayed coking and desulfurization plants. This award demonstrates strong affirmation of the Kazakh government to NFC.


So far, NFC has completed nearly US$2 billion contracts in Kazakhstan and paid tax of nearly US$170 million cumulatively. NFC Kazakhstan has won a silver medal of trade leaders of Kazakhstan's construction and installation industry in 2016, and ranked 8th on the list of top 100 import and export companies in 2016. Mr. Qin Junman, Executive Director of NFC and President of NFC Kazakhstan, was awarded the Special Achievement Award and the Medal of Leadership of Kazakhstan foreign economic activities in 2016.


NFC Kazakhstan has provided more than 6000 local jobs in its constructed projects, maintained long-term sponsorship of local welfare services, donated goods and funds for children and families in need, helped with equipment service and maintenance for the local government, police stations and schools, repaired the Victory Monument of World War II and participated actively in local festival activities. NFC Kazakhstan is widely praised and warmly welcomed by the local government and communities.